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Bedrijf: Strategy&
Richting(en): Consulting |
Niveau: WO
Locatie: Amsterdam
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Our internships provide top students from different backgrounds a great opportunity to learn more about Strategy&, understand the role of a consultant and to engage with clients on the projects we work on.

During a three-month internship you will be part of an (international) project team and work consecutively on two or three different projects offering you a full view on the work we do for our clients. You will use your skills to work with clients through all stages of a project. You will be given responsibility for particular portions of the work, you work with and at the client and we offer you a wide-range of training, a junior and a senior mentor to make sure you will get to most out of this experience.

Your internship will be completed with an assessment, which will give you a good overview of your strengths and areas of development. If this assessment shows good results this can be the successful start of a career at Strategy&.


The culture at PwC's Strategy& is unique. The best and brightest people, highly experienced and from a variety of backgrounds, come together to solve CEO agenda problems, and deliver essential advantage for our clients. 

A blend of talents and skills is required of successful internship candidates:

  • A high level of general intelligence and academic achievement;
  • Real thought leadership, combined with strong analytical and problem-solving skills (which includes both a quantitative and a qualitative orientation);
  • Personal leadership qualities, including an ability to manage people, drive change, and accomplish challenging goals through and with others;
  • The ability to work independently, while simultaneously being able to forge productive team relationships;
  • Business judgement and maturity, including the ability to develop a 'big picture' view;
  • Intellectual curiosity;
  • Strong personal presence, combined with compelling and professional presentation and communication skills;
  • Initiative, personal organization, motivation, and ownership of one’s work;
  • We also value diversity.


If you want to realize your potential while making a difference for clients, Strategy& is the place for you. Our internships are open to students with a university Bachelor degree who are fluent in both Dutch and English - starting dates are flexible.

The wide array of backgrounds among our people serves as:

  • Competitive differentiation;
  • Source of individual and corporate pride;
  • One of the selective secrets underlying the power of our teamwork.

Documents needed for application (Note: Your CV can be uploaded in the first step of the application form. You can upload the additional documents in the third step of the application form)

  • CV
  • Cover letter
  • Grade list(s) University
  • Grade list high school
  • Other relevant documents


Please do not hesitate to contact Kelly Zoethout in case of any question. You can reach her via phone +31 6 18909946 or  recruitment.amsterdam@strategyand.nl.pwc.com

Ga naar de website van Strategy&

Other possibilities

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PhD Hires Strategy&


Strategy& - Amsterdam

At Strategy& we are continuously looking for diverse talent with different backgrounds and knowledge. As a PhD graduate you will deep dive into the world of strategy consulting and work on complex issues in different industries. You will use your analytical skills to solve challenging problems and discuss these with key client executives. At Strategy& we will coach you to become a Senior Associate and to drive a work stream within a project. Travel can be a part of the job.


Do you want to accelerate the energy transition, build trust in society, help strengthen our financial institutions, or be at the forefront of more affordable care?  If you want to realize your potential while making a difference for clients, Strategy& is the place for you. 

PhD Hires Strategy&